Patient Resources

Here we’re providing additional resources for patients facing stomach cancer.

Private Facebook Group – Hope’s Official Group

First, is the official private Facebook Group managed by Hope For Stomach Cancer.

Principles Of Biomarker Testing – Video Series

Additionally, we’ve partnered with a top GI oncologist for an incredibly informative Stomach Cancer Biomarker Video Series. 

The Principles of Biomarker Testing is a three-part series.  Dr. Dan Catenacci, formerly of the University of Chicago, is the lead producer of these videos.  And the entire three-part series is available below.

Part I: Principles Of Biomarker Testing - Tissue Testing

Part II: Principle Of Biomarker Testing - The Liquid Biopsy

Part III: Principles Of Biomarker Testing - Molecular Heterogeneity & Biomarker Assay Performance